Antonov An-2 panel reference

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See also Antonov An-2.

This is a quick reference to the instruments and controls in the Antonov An-2's cockpit.

2D cockpit 3D cockpit

  1. Attitude indicator AGK-47 B.
  2. Magnetic (gyroinduction) compass GIK-1 with ADF indication.
  3. Gyrocompass GPK-48.
  4. Airspeed indicator US-450.
  5. Altimeter UVO.
  6. Variometer VAR-10.
  7. Radio altimeter RV-UM.
  8. Warning altitude selector of RV-UM.
  9. Fuel selector. Left, right, both tank or cutoff fuel.
  10. Fuel level indicator SBESS-1447.
  11. Intake air termometer. Heating of intake air not implemented yet, so gauge show outboard temperature.
  12. Engine EMI-3K gauge. Fuel pressure meter, oil pressure and oil temperature indicator.
  13. Cylinder head termometer TCT-2.
  14. Tachometer TE-45.
  15. Manifold pressure meter MV-16u
  16. Ampermeter A-1. It measure main generator current.
  17. Volt-ampermeter VA-3. It measure voltage and current of battery.
  18. Position of oil cooler damper.
  19. Position of engine air damper. This gauge absent on real plane, pilot ought to control air dampers position visually.
  20. Flaps position gauge.
  21. ACHS-2 air clock. Extended scale of flight timers not implemented cause small size of gauge.
  22. Outboard termometer TUE-48.
  23. Magneto switch PM-1.
  24. Main starter switch.
  25. Starter selector: spinup - start.
  26. GIK-1 compass fast adjust button.
  27. Pilot cabin window heat switch. Not implemented yet.
  28. Fuel meter selector: left - both - right fuel tank level.
  29. Audio alarm switch - min fuel level and min altitude. Not implemented yet.
  30. Min altitude lamp - RV-UM altimeter.
  31. Left and right fuel tank min level lamp. Work only if fuel meter SBESS-1447 is serviceable. Min level is 50 l of fuel.
  32. Charge battery lamp. Off if generator charge battery.
  33. PO-500 alternator failure lamp. Failure system not implemented, so it not work in 2d. In 3d cockpit, blue lamp indicated extending of automatic slats.
  34. Marker beacon lamp.
  35. Rudder trimmer neutral position lamp. There are hotspots on trimmer lamps for set trimmer to neutral.
  36. Elevator trimmer neutral position lamp.
  37. Aileron trimmer neutral position lamp.
  38. Elevator trimmer switch.
  39. Flaps button.
  40. Rudder trimmer switch.
  41. Aileron trimmer switch.
  42. Oil cooler damper switch.
  43. Cylinder head damper switch.
  44. Nav lights switch.
  45. Taxi light switch. Work only on patched sim.
  46. Landing light switch. Work only on patched sim.
  47. Main generator switch.
  48. Main battery switch.
  49. GIK-1 alternator switch.
  50. AGK-47B alternator switch.
  51. Fuel meter SBESS-1447 switch.
  52. EMI-3K gauge switch.
  53. Flaps gauge switch.
  54. Termometers TUE-48 switch.
  55. Airspeed indicator heat switch.
  56. Panel UV light switch.
  57. COM radio switch.
  58. ADF radio switch.
  59. Marker beacon switch.
  60. Radio altimeter RV-UM main switch.
  61. Throttle handle. Not operate from mouse.
  62. Propeller pitch handle.
  63. Standby/operate selector for ADF.
  64. PO-500 alternator switch.
  65. Automatic altitude mixture corrector handle. In real aircraft, this handle should stay in rear position for automatic correction. Shift handle by front will be lean mixture.
  66. Intake heating handle. System not implemented yet.
  67. Stop engine handle. System not implemented yet.
  68. ADF bearing indicator for second pilot.
  69. ADF sound switch.
  70. ADF volume control.
  71. Lamp for main ("osnovnoj") ADF channel.
  72. Lamp for standby ("rezervnyj") ADF channel.
  73. Frequency control for main ADF channel. There are hotspots above and below frequency digits.
  74. Frequency control for standby ADF channel. There are hotspots above and below frequency digits.
  75. S-meter for ADF. It's not real signal power, cause sim not count ADF range.
  76. Rezerved, no-op.
  77. Rezerved, no-op.
  78. External panel lighting. Experimental. You can adjust color and brightness of panel lighting by set (manually, by setprop() or from xml file ) property "/an2/controls/light/ext-red-stanby", "/an2/controls/light/ext-green-standby", "/an2/controls/light/ext-blue-standby". All of color value should be 0.0-1.0.
  79. Internal instrument lighting. Experimental. Operate like external lighting. Name of property - "/an2/controls/light/int-red-standby" etc.
  80. Short wave radio "Yadro" ("Kernel") switch. Rezerved. "Yadro" control panel stay in bottom part of second pilot panel. Not implemented in sim.