Allendorf Airport

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1122 feet
1122 feet
Type Public
Owner Fa. Viessmann-Werke GmbH & Co. KG
City Allendorf
Runway Length Material
11/29 1240 m Asphalt
Scenery tile e000n50/e008n51
TerraSync old layout available

Allendorf Airport (german: "Flugplatz Allendorf/Eder"), is an airport located in northern Hesse, Germany. It is owned by the Viessmann Group, a German manufacturer of heating and refrigeration systems.


Allendorf/Eder is named after the nearby municipality Allendorf of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg in the Eder river valley. Nearby cities are Frankenberg (8km / 4.5nm) and Kassel (63km / 34nm) to the north east and Marburg (25km / 13.5nm) and Gießen (50km / 27nm) to the south.

The Viessmann headquarters are located a few hundred meters to the south of the airport.

History & Present use

The airport opened in 1966 as the company airport of the Viessmann AG. The asphalt runway was extended in 2005 to 1240m length. Since 2006, Runway 29 is equipped with a GPS (later RNP / Required Navigation Performance) instrument approach and a 3° Precision Approach Path Indicator. Alongside the fleet of Viessmann's aircraft, Allendorf is also home to the local flying club with hangars west of the tower.

Allendorf in FGFS

Allendorf has been around in terrasync but did not match the real layout of the airport. It was eventually completely rebuilt, remodeled and is now part of the Kassel custom scenery. Many parking positions were added and instrument departures and approaches were programmed to load via the route manager.

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