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Is it possible to import an ARINC 424-19 data within FG navigation data? is there any compliancy?

Example: I'm going to design an approach procedure (LPV one let's say); I have, as a result, an arinc 424-19 file that codes the procedure;

  1. Could I get it inside FG and make a flight test?
  2. What is the FG possibility to import such a procedure (again with arinc 424-19 file) to a FMS?


FlightGear has no "out-of-the-box-support" for ARINC 424 data. We use mainly plain-text or xml formatted files for airport and navigation data, communication is carried out via documented and open interfaces.

So, to answer your questions: 1) Yes, with a data-converter (to be developed) 2) Yes, once the data has been converted

Unlike other commercial simulators, FlightGear is under active development. You have direct access to the developers either on this forum or at the mailing-list. If you need a solution for a specific problem, there is no better choice than an open system.

It might be a bit more work than just "right-click->import into FMS->Run" and will definitely require some coding.

this is not currently supported directly. So it would require some modifications or at least some enhancements.

In the long run, I think it would be really great if this could be supported by the core C++ source code. Simply because this is an existing aviation standard and it makes sense to support (and actually use it internally) in FlightGear, re-inventing things is a bad thing. FlightGear would certainly benefit from supporting such important standards.

For the time being, the easiest thing to do would be writing a Nasal script (FlightGear's built in scripting language) that parses the ARCINC 424 file and which converts the data to the format that is internally used by the "route manager". This should already be possible now without any C++ modifications.

DO326 Path Terminators

DO236 (for RNP RNAV) uses not only 3/23 (IF,TF and RF) arinc 424 P/T but exactly 9/23: TF, RF, IF, HM, HA, HF, FA, DF and CF.

Sample Data

FAA is providing ARINC 424-18 encoded data:


Sometimes specs can be found via search engines. Check for e.g. "ARINC SPECIFICATION 424-17".

Currently it seems that 424-18 is widely used. Compared to previous 424-17, this has support for GBAS Path Points.

Seems there is currently activities ongoing to provide ARINC 424 data in XML format. More information available here:

Converter from ARINC 424 to XPNAV1100

There is a converter provided by X-Plane:

Navigraph ARINC 424 database

Navigraph provides "Navdata Manual Installation":

This is basically the content of an ARINC 424-18 file provided as SQLite database.