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When a pilot reaches e.g. EDDF then jetways.nas reads EDDF.jetways.xml and creates one individual "animated model" xml file for each jetway entry in that EDDF.jetways.xml file.


So, if we want to avoid the writing to disk then we have to find a way to create scenery models with animations and individual properties like


with Nasal in RAM[1].

This is possible using the AI system. It needs to make jetway a new AI object type which is no problem - actually they can be managed by the airport dynamics, which already tracks parking position occupancy. There’sero need for anything to hit the disk in this process, or duplicate any XML files - but it needs some C++ coding, it can’t be done entirely from Nasal.

So, we need a volunteer to port the jetways logic to some C++ to create the instances (the per-jetway logic can stay in Nasal as needed). James is happy to coach / assist.[2]

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