2D Panels

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One thing maybe worth pointing out that the 2D panel code is not only used for panels, but also for some pre-canvas glass cockpits. Essentially, a 2D panel is defined in XML, and then rendered onto a 3D surface, so removing the 2D panel code would not just remove, well, 2D panels, but it would also break aircraft models that use this technique (off the top of my head, at least CRJ700 and some of the Citations).[1]

Right, for several of these areas, it’s not just a case of switching them off : eg I have partial code which translates old 2D panels into Canvas elements at load time. (And for HUDs, there is a translation to Canvas in Nasal, I believe - though personally I have zero experience of it)

The issue is that such a translation will inevitably be imperfect, so rather than trying to make such a change 100% compatible, if we know we have the opportunity to break stuff, we can put in the migration, and give aircraft developers lots of time to test (two years, in fact...), and either adjust their panels, or migrate to native Canvas, or improve the migration code. (And a very similar situation exists for the legacy HUDs)[2]