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Remove the page(s)

The page is empty except the deletion note, all the sub-pages are either non-existent or (Target4Today/Artificial_Intelligence and Target4Today/GUI) stubs with partly broken links. Also, there seems to be no interest in this anymore, haven't heard of this for a long while. Could these pages be deleted? D-ECHO (talk) 05:53, 14 June 2020 (EDT)

Wiki content?

What should we file here?

Do we want to add the T4T banner? Mekgp 22:33, 28 June 2012 (EDT)

The banner seems fine (like anything that helps customizing the T4T sub portal). However, apart from that, the idea was not so much to duplicate contents from your website, but rather help streamline the whole T4T/FG interaction, in a fashion that is hopefully much less prone to causing lengthy flame wars. Here's an extract of the PMs I sent to Mossie:
Cquote1.png Hi Mossie!

After having talked to Bomber about T4T being welcome to use the FG wiki for over a year now (to no avail so far), I have now taken the liberty and started a new T4T portal here:

This is currently just based on copy/paste stuff taken from various forum discussions.

All of you are invited to customize this as you see fit (adding images, links, screen shots, contents etc) - anything that is T4T/FG related is welcome!

I am sending this to you, because I understand that Bomber is currently a little frustrated (I also ocassionally read your T4T forum and he mentioned some of these issues previously via PM, so he has my full sympathies).

That aside, many of "us" here are still interested in what the T4T can bring to the table.

While the bombable addon has so far (unfortunately) not been added to the core FG distribution, there are hundreds of users here who have come to appreciate combat support in FlightGear!

As you know, there's plenty that can be brought to the table from our side. We just need to find a way to collaborate a little more efficiently. Obviously, the forum (and heated discussions) doesn't always work for everybody.

We have plenty of experience with these problems ourselves... the issues you have been seeing are probably fairly similar to the ones that FG has been facing for over a decade now, so we are fully understanding. Most of us have come to appreciate the wiki, because exchanging information there tends to get a little less heated there.

So this is an attempt at making access to this info a little easier and clearer.

Anticipating Bomber's concerns, I'd like to reassure you that this is NOT at attempt to establish an alternative to your own website, the T4T wiki portal is really just intended to streamline our communications and our collaboration, nothing else! You are obviously free to make your own decision, as to IF and HOW the wiki shall be used.

Personally, I suggest to use it for anything that is more or less directly FlightGear-related. Obviously, it would also make sense to focus on the less controversial features, so that meaningful feedback can be obtained. Let's try to focus on our common interests and features that both efforts could benefit from.

It would be great if you could add any open FG-related questions and issues to the FG wiki, so that we can comment and provide feedback/support where needed. Personally, I can provide better coding feedback, I am not too familiar with FDM design, and would rather prefer commenting on coding questions

t's really not at all intended to be a repeat of your official website, it's intended to help streamline our collaboration - i.e. the interfacing between T4T <-> FG - which is currently severely lacking in many areas, as you know All those forum flame wars and crusades that just focus on our different ideas, simply don't help any of us. We need to get down to our shared and common interests, so that we can work on those together - without getting emotional and wasting hours talking each other down.

Again, the idea is NOT to copy/paste your website here, please let's just focus on the FG-related T4T issues - there's no need to replicate your website there. Hopefully, this will work out a little better than the forum ...

If you need anything else, please get in touch with me (I have admin privileges and can provide you with custom settings).

--Hooray 23:39, 28 June 2012 (EDT)