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IMPORTANT: Some, and possibly most, of the features/ideas discussed here are likely to be affected, and possibly even deprecated, by the ongoing work on providing a property tree-based 2D drawing API accessible from Nasal using the new Canvas system available since FlightGear 2.80 (08/2012). Please see: Canvas for further information

You are advised not to start working on anything directly related to this without first discussing/coordinating your ideas with other FlightGear contributors using the FlightGear developers mailing list or the Canvas subforum This is a link to the FlightGear forum.. Anything related to Canvas Core Development should be discussed first of all with TheTom and Zakalawe. Nasal-space frameworks are being maintained by Philosopher and Hooray currently. talk page.



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[8/25/2011 6:05:19 AM] Paul Guhl: from developer point of view it might be a good idea to integrate the gui code and give FG a true gui framwrok with graphics, to give it 2d face

[8/25/2011 6:51:34 AM] Paul Guhl: gui code i would totally replace by my library

— T4T (Paul Guhl)[1]


[7:43:39 AM] Paul Guhl: i almot finished integration of the gui code into flight gear and also about to evaluate fg code performance

[8:29:13 AM] Paul Guhl: i will have much work with reimplementing fgrun features inside the gui again

— T4T (Paul Guhl)[2]


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