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Montrer les avons disponibles
It is important to understand when not using a graphical interface to start FlightGear, your interaction will be entirely from the command line. To see available aircraft, you specify an option on the command line. To specify an aircraft, an airport, multiplayer server, etc. you add an option to the command line when starting FlightGear. Please consult the list of [[ Command Line Parameters ]]. The parameters are also useful to those starting FlightGear from [[ FlightGear Launch Control ]] graphical interface, as it allows you to specify parameters. If you are using FlightGear 1.0.0 this list may be useful [[FlightGear 1.0 aircraft names for command line]].
=== Montrer Lister les avons avions disponibles ===From the command lineA partir de la ligne de commande :
fgfs --show-aircraft
displays a list of available (installed) aircraftretourne une liste des avions installés et donc disponibles.
=== Choisir un avion ===

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