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FlightGear has aircraft and other content available from 3rd-party hangars, some which are GPL compatible and also included in official distributions while others are independent. Aircraft versions range from requiring a developmental build, to being compatible with the latest primary release, to requiring an older version.

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It is completely up to the original content author to decide how they wish to license their original work. GPL is just one option. Many people seem to prefer one of the variants of the creative commons license these days. If you are modifying someone else's original work, or incorporating portions of their work into your own work, then you must be respectful of the original author's license terms. If you wish to protect your work from being copied or modified (yet somehow still distribute it to users), FlightGear does not have the infrastructure built up to assist with that. Fgaddon is simply a resource offered to aircraft designers. It is a common area to share and collaborate for aircraft development. Historically it has also been the source of FlightGear aircraft that are included in the official distribution. Because fgaddon is closely tied to the main project, we do our best to ensure everything there is licensed with a gpl compatible license so we can safely distribute all those aircraft. We also do our best to ensure that fgaddon aircraft track upstream code changes in the flightgear program so that incompatibilities are not introduced. As others have said, the intention of FlightGear and our evolving infrastructure is to support and encourage 3rd party hangars, and we have no problem if developers want to use other resources to manage and distribute their original aircraft. It is especially important to maintain separation of content with gpl-incompatible licensing.[1]

We have support for catalogs and external hangars for precisely this reason. We obviously want to encourage GPL aircraft, but not every aircraft developer wishes, or is able to, release their work under the GPL. FlightGear both respects and supports that option. [2]

please do ask about setting up your own hangar with whatever license you like. One of the major goals is to give a better end-user experience for different sources of aircraft.[3]

Official hangars


FGAddon logo.png

Stable releases

The official aircraft hangar is known as FGAddon. For each FlightGear release, these aircraft are tagged and official downloads provided:

Aircraft development

The FGAddon version controlled repository contains in-development aircraft as well as aircraft tagged for FlightGear 3.4 and higher stable releases.


Third party sites

Aircraft hangars

Automobile hangars

Old Hangars

Livery/Scenery hangars

Other FlightGear repositories/mirrors

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