Mudry Cap10b

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Mudry CAP 10b
Type training aerobatic aircraft
Author(s) PAF team -
--aircraft= cap10b
Ready Dual control Rembrandt
Status Early production
FDM Stars-3.png
Systems Stars-3.png
Cockpit Stars-3.png
Model Stars-3.png
Development repository
Dualcontrolready.png Rembrandtready.png

The Mudry CAP 10b is a two-seat training aerobatic aircraft. As in real life this aircraft is used for training it's the same in FlightGear with the dual control.



Vne : 340km/h

Vno : 300km/h

Vc  : 300km/h

Va  : 200km/h

Vfe : 160km/h

Vso : 89km/h

Aircraft help

Key Functions
S Start/stop smoke


  • Dual control : pilot and copilot can control every switches and handle (mixture, throttle, fuel valve, strobe lights, nav lights, master switch...)
  • Rembrandt compatible : flash lights, nav lights, landing lights, shaders
  • Multiplayer compliant : every lights status are visible in multiplayer
  • Complete panel : every instruments are present and simulated
  • Ground reactions : With this JSBSim aircraft you can't land on water, you can broke your gears
  • Effects : starter smoke, smoke, spark: if part of your aircraft touch the ground (wings, elevator, fuselage...) sparks appear at the contact point

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