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(Creating this template since Template:Draft now automatically categorize pages into a category with drafts)
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This is a draft on a userpage.

Please suggest changes to this draft on the discussion page.

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template indicates that a userpage (or subpage) is a draft and that you prefer comments be made on the discussion page.

Unlike {{draft}} this template do not add a category to your draft.


{{userpage draft|type|subtitle/comments}}

Both parameters are optional.

What kind of page the draft is.
Any additional information.


{{userpage draft}}
This is a draft.

{{userpage draft|changelog}}
This changelog is a draft.

{{userpage draft|page|That is, I'm not sure how I want it. ;-)}}
This page is a draft.

That is, I'm not sure how I want it. ;-)