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Aircraft testing checklist

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This is a set of basic checks to run on an aircraft, to validate compatibility with a FlightGear version

For aircraft in FGaddon which have been claimed for testing, see the tester list

  • start on a runway, and start the engine manually
  • start via autostart (assuming the acft has one)
  • start in-air: eg use the 'on approach' feature of the launcher
  (note different aircraft may not work for an in-air start)
  • check throttle (and pitch and mixture) work as expected (Eg, does the engine cut out at full lean? Does it redline at full throttle on the ground?)
  • check brakes response and parking brake
  • tune COM1 and ensure ATIS is audible
    • check volume adjustment if there's a control for it
  • check altimeter setting
  • tune NAV1 and check behavior
  (might need to be done in air)
  • check ground steering (especially if ground tiller mode is supported)
* if there's pushback support, does it work okay?
  • fly a circuit
  • check takeoff power handling (P-factor on takeoff roll, the sensitivity of rudder inputs, etc)
  • check flaps/gear work as expected
  • check radar altimeter if fitted (the HUD is good to cross-check this)
  • check stall performance in clean config (is it vaguely plausible?)
  • check level flight over-speed performance (time to hit the barber pole)
  • fly an approach
  • check stall performance in approach config (is it vaguely plausible?..)
  • check ILS reception / deviation
  • check DME readings
  • check fuel consumption / fuel dialog if possible
  • execute a reposition, check nothing breaks
  • execute a reset, check nothing breaks :) (the sim might crash...)


  • lighting states in the dark? (beacon, strobe, etc)?
  • animations work as expected (when implemented) : especially basic ones (control surfaces move is most important).
  • check all the views work, especially custom views, do they track okay using the joystick had and/or mouse look?

Non-standard stuff

  • Check appearance under a compositor build
  • Check appearance under very high ALS settings?

Autopilot checks

  • If the aircraft has an autopilot implemented in the cockpit, check controls work for basic modes (ROLL, PITCH). If the aircraft does not have an autopilot implemented, there is no requirement for the generic autopilot menu item to work successfully.
  • Intercept a VOR / leg : check the turning to intercept, and overshoot / roll out when reading the correct position
  • check the AP is stable at 2x time acceleration, and see if it is at 4x or 8x (lots aren't....)