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Walk is an alternative build system which can be used to build Flightgear on Unix systems.

It is mainly tested with Flightgear's next branch; building other branches is checked occasionally but might not always work.

Walk consists of two Python script: walkfg.py is the Flightgear build system; it imports the core walk.py module, and uses it to optimise the running of compile and link commands.

Walk does not use CMake. Instead, walkfg.py essentially finds all source files known to git in the flightgear, simgear and plib directories, and compiles and links them together to form the fgfs executable. It does some preliminary processing to handle Qt resources etc, and excludes various sources files that are not required. Compile flags are customised where appropriate based on source file paths, for example all files within flightgear/src/FDM/ are compiled with -I flightgear/src/FDM/JSBSim.

Walk does not install packages.

Walk can also build the test suite by running with --test-suite.

For details, please see: [1]