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Amsterdam Schiphol in WED.
Amsterdam Schiphol in WED.
Developed by Ben Supnik, Cristiano Maggi
Initial release 2007
OS GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS X
License GNU General Public License

WorldEditor (WED) is a CAD-like graphic editor that lets you create custom airport layouts. It is designed for X-Plane, and works with apt.dat version 850 and higher.

Obtaining WorldEditor


Stable WED binaries for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux can be downloaded from A development version is available through:


If you want to compile the tool for GNU/Linux based operating systems, you should not be afraid of that, since it brings most of its dependencies along, it is not hard. However, some things need to be provided by the user's system:

  • binutils and binutils-devel
  • git
  • GNU coreutils
  • GNU make
  • libmpfr-devel
  • mesa-libGL-devel and mesa-libGLU-devel
  • qt4-devel
  • python2
  • cmake
  • fltk
  • curl

Downloading WED's source (about 13 MiB) is done via git:

git clone --depth=1
cd xptools

Afterwards WED's dependencies have to be downloaded (about 260 MiB) and compiled. These steps have to be done only once, before compiling WED the first time:

git submodule update --init
cd libs
make -j2
cd ..

Compiling WED:

conf=release_opt make -j2 WED

You may now copy the file build/Linux/release_opt/WED to ~/bin or another location within your $PATH environment variable:

cp build/Linux/release_opt/WED ~/bin

The binary of WorldEditor 1.2 is usable but you have to be careful and save your work often because it could crash and make you lose your work. Note that this binary works only on 64 bit GNU/Linux systems.

Starting WED for the first time

X-Plane itself does not need to be installed before using WED. However, WED will require that you choose the X-Plane folder before it will allow you to do anything. Create a working directory with the following structure before starting WED for the first time.

working directory <-- Pick a name
   |--Custom Scenery
   |--Global Scenery
         |--default scenery

NOTICE: WED looks for this specific directory structure and specific directory names !

Click "Choose X-Plane folder". Select the working directory for the X-Plane folder.

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