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US-Tennessee Custom Scenery
Started in 2019-Mar
Description New scenery for Tennessee, USA
Contributor(s) Scott Giese
Status Active


My home state, where I do most of my flying.


Produce high quality scenery using the best known practices.

Metric Objectives:

  • Split the state into four zones: West, West-Central, East-Central, East
  • Base Mesh Node Quantity: 60,000 nodes
  • Base Mesh Error Tolerance: 3 meters
  • Shapefile Complexity: ~2,000,000 nodes or less
  • Shapefile Tolerance: 27 meters
  • Shapefile Minimum Area: 6000 square-meters


Data Sources:

  • Demographic Data: SRTMGL1.003
  • Land Cover Data: NLCD
  • River & Stream, Cemetery, Quarry, Railroad: OpenStreetMap
  • Buildings, Roads, Bridges: osm2city based on OpenStreetMap
  • Obstruction Data: FAA DOF
  • Airports: X-Plane Scenery Gateway via xplane_airports service


US-Tennessee West
West Shapefiles  
KMKL - Jackson, TN  

West: Paused Paused 80}% completed

US-Tennessee West-Central
West-Central Shapefiles  
KBNA - Nashville, TN  

West-Central: Paused Paused 80}% completed

US-Tennessee East-Central
East-Central Shapefiles  
KRKW - Rockwood, TN  

East-Central: Paused Paused 80}% completed

US-Tennessee East
East Shapefiles  
KDKX - Knoxville, TN  

East: Paused Paused 80}% completed

TN-West Airports
M01 Airport  

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