Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

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Paris Charles De Gaulle
Type Public
Owner Aéroports de Paris
City Paris
Runway Length Material
09L/27R 2 700 m (8 858 ft) Asphalt
09R/27L 4 200 m (13 780 ft) Asphalt
08L/26R 4 215 m (13 829 ft) Asphalt
08R/26L 2 700 m (8 858 ft) Concrete

Paris Charles De Gaulle, also known as Roissy, is the international airport that serves the city of Paris. It is located 25 km northeast of Paris, and is the busiest airport in France. The scenery of this airport is rather complete and can become intensive for your graphics card.


LFPG has four parallel runways, oriented east-west. Generally the two most external runways are used for landings (09L/27R and 08R/26L) while the two most internal ones are used for takeoffs (09R/27L and 08L/26R).


ATC services is sometimes available at Charles De Gaulle airport and accessible via FGCom using the following frequencies:

Approach 118.150
Tower 119.250
Ground 121.800

Tower is generally active, other frequencies might be.

Flying to LFPG

If you are inbound to LFPG airport, you should enter the controlled area through one of these waypoints or navpoints:

XERAM if you fly in from NE
GONEK if you fly in from SW
NANOP, TRO if you fly in from SE
DPE, DVL if you fly in from NW


Official charts for all official airport documents, including SID, STARS, IAC, etc.
Taxiways North runways for names of taxiways on runways 09/27 side
Taxiways South runways for names of taxiways on runways 08/26 side