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This wiki page lists all information related to FlightGear's FSweekend 2014 attendance. FlightGear will be represented by a team of regular FlightGear developers.

Booth information

This year will mark the start of a (hopefully long and fruitful collaboration with a big partner in the airracing world). After several years of demonstrating FlightGear in the Amsterdam / Lelystad area, and following a short stint at Innsbruck last year, this year we'll be visiting the Las Vegas / Grand Canyon area. Demo flights will be conducted off the various airorts in the area, and we'll be aiming to have a WIFI lan connection available. The main demo equipment will consist of a regular (AMD quad core) 3-monitor / 1 projector PC (DTs setup), and the 10 CPU/12 monitor "Thomas-Krenn hardware" mainframe.

Equipment Checklist

  • CH Yoke (GdR) (- tentative)
  • CH Rudder Pedals (GdR)(-tentative)
  • One Linux-based PC (DT)
    • Three monitors
    • Saitek Joystick
    • Saitek Rudder Pedals
    • Headset
    • Sound system
  • Projector and backup screen (plus center pole(!!!) (DT)
  • Projector screen (TD).
  • Pairs of anaglyph 3D-glasses:
    • One (GdR)
    • One (DT)
  • Business cards
  • Thomas Krenn machine with 10 monitors (TD)

Flight information


Activities will mainly take place around Las Vegas and the Surrounding Areas (Grand Canyon, etc). There are several airports in the Vincity of Las Vegas, including Mccurran International Airport, Nellis Airforce Base, Grand Canyon International, as well as several regional airports in the area around the Canyon.

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