Keflavik Airport

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Keflavik Airport
Keflavik's passenger terminal
Keflavik's passenger terminal
Owner Isavia Ltd.
City Keflavik (serving Reykjavik), Iceland
Runway Length Material
02/20 3054m Asphalt
11/29 3065m Asphalt

Civil operations started in 1987. Keflavik airport today is Iceland's biggest airport located 50km from the capital of Reykjavik. It is serves as the gateway to Iceland and handles international flights, with Reykjavik being used for domestic flights. 10 million people passed through Keflavik in 2018. The 61 meter wide, 3km long runways are a designated Space Shuttle landing site.


The AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) for Iceland is available online at . Under "Part 3" -> "AD 2" -> "BIKF KEFLAVIK", you will find information and charts about Keflavik airport.


Being the international airport of Iceland, there are multiple art sculptures around the Leif Erikson passenger terminal, two of them have been modeled by xDraconian.

Iceland Custom Scenery (default now)

The Iceland Custom scenery (available at ) includes an updated layout as well as better landclasses for whole Iceland. This scenery has been merged into Terrasync.

Keflavik Overview.jpg

An aerial overview of Keflavik airport, seen from the east.

Keflavik Windpark.jpg

A windpark west of the airport with BIKF itself in the background.