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The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) contains most of the information about the regulations, air ways, navigation aids etc. in a nations air space. The AIP is published by that nations air authority or agency at regular intervals and together with notices to air men (NOTAMs) it contains all the information needed, except for the weather, for flying in that airspace unless it states otherwise.

Main contents

The AIP consists of three main parts, General (GEN), containing some general information, En route (ENR), containing information about the airspace, air routes and navigation aids, and Aerodromes (AD), with information about the airports, airfields and helipads. Sometimes there is also amendments and supplements, and the AIP can also point to other sources for example for aerodrome information and charts.


  • GEN 1. National aviation authorities, national regulations regarding entry and exit of the air space and required instrumentation and radios
  • GEN 2. Measuring systems, time zones, abbreviations, map legends, lists with positions of fixes and navigation aids, conversion and sunrise/sunset tables
  • GEN 3. Aeronautical information, air traffic communication and meteorological services, where to get maps and search and rescue routines
  • GEN 4. Fees and charges

An important section is GEN 1.7, Differences from ICAO Standards, recommended practices and procedures, as there can sometimes be important differences between countries.


  • ENR 1. Instrument and visual flight rules (IFR and VFR), altimeter setting procedures, flight planning and filing of flight plans, and time zones
  • ENR 2. ATC air spaces
  • ENR 3. Air routes
  • ENR 4. Navigation aids
  • ENR 5. Prohibited, restricted and dangerous areas, military training areas, bird migration areas and other hazards

  • AD 1. Everything about airports, taxi procedures, traffic patterns, lightening etc.
  • AD 2. Listings of public airports, airfields and helipads together with charts and other information

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