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Critical / Bugs

White Square / No FBO

The white square is the popup message / tooltip, shown via the Canvas. The texture or framebuffer used for the canvas isn't working. This seems to happen on some very old drivers.[1]

For example, reported on Intel GMA 3100, Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family[2]

we talked about this issue a (long) while ago - and what would really be interesting is if people seeing this could also try one of the aircraft using other OD_gauge based avionics (navdisplay, agradar, wxradar etc) - because under the hood, this should be using the same OSG code - if those instruments work/display properly, it is likely that this issue can be fixed once and for all by looking at what the Canvas FBO/RTT setup code is doing differently compared to od_gauge based avionics using the same back-end. If I remember correctly, we also once posted patches telling OSG to use a non-FBO fallback - unfortunately nobody seeing this issue was able to follow up to test this. If in doubt, anybody seeing this, PLEASE post a screenshot showing your help/about dialog (and ideally your fgfs.log file): About dialog

Commonly used debugging tools#fgfs.log

About dialog 2.10.png

Likewise, this should affect any other FBO use-cases in FlightGear, including multi-camera setups (think Rembrandt)[3]


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