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The FG Interface article series - Titles, categories, and templates

Hi Daweed,

There are some minor issues regarding structure (page titles and categories) and templates in your article series. Mostly the structure in regard to article titles and category names could be improved to help navigation. Nothing that can not be improved, and I am more than willing to help.

First of all, while the wiki's style manual says one should use lowercase titles, I think that you do not have to use lowercase "FG interface" in your titles and it would be perfectly well to use "FG Interface", since it is the overall name for your project and the name you use for it in running text. It also help clarify that this is a specific thing and not FlightGear's interface in general. See also the FlightGear wiki:Manual of Style#Article titlesstyle manual.

I also think you could have been more consistently using "FG Interface" rather than "FGInt" except for example when it is used in module, class and function names.

Regarding categories I took the liberty to create the category FG Interface for your article series (placed in the Cockpit building, Hardware and Interfacing protocols categories). It seems that some of the articles should be in subcategories to Category:FG Interface, for example the articles about I2C Devices Classes, but I am not sure what your intention was with them, in essence if they are parts of FG Interface or if they are device classes in general.

When it comes to templates, I noted that bugman gave you some slightly odd advice regarding navigation templates. Those should live in the Template namespace, which would make them not require the hack of using a colon before the template name, in essence {{FG Interface sidebar}} rather {{:FG Interface sidebar}}. I also highly recommend documenting templates with {{Informative template}}.

My intentions here is manly to put things in the right namespaces and to help improve the structure a bit so that your article series will more easy to navigate and follow.

Best wishes.

Johan G (Talk | contribs) 06:58, 19 August 2019 (EDT)