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Location France
  • FlightGear
  • Flight Simulator
  • Electronic
MP callsign(s) AFR6938


I am Daweed. My call sign is most of time AFR6938, but i use to setup a FOX01 call sign when i am on board of military aircraft.
My nickname on the forum is daweed.

LFLL Scenery

Since early 2013 I took charge of the modeling of Lyon airport (Saint Exupery - LFLL) After ingesting the basics on Blender, I started by creating what I call the technical set of the site:

  • The control tower and it's ancillary buildings
  • The Fire station
  • The Police station

This scenery is always in construction.


With releasing on the FG Scenery Database Website the first airport elements, i begun to start regulary ATC session during week end. Last months, session have been suspended due to heavy load on on the refactoring of the FG Interface code to prepare the first public release. But i didn't forget, ATC sessions will restart soon.

Session use to be :
Friday : 19h00 UTC - 22h/23h UTC
Saturday : 19h00 UTC - 22h/23h UTC

Audio is available on Mumble Channel allfex.mumble.org / Room ATC France / LFLL

FG Interface

One of my other side on Flightgear Flight Simulator was to dive into comunication with the simulator, how it could be possible to read and write value from and to the sim. On the same time i was discovering the wonderfull world of Raspberry PI (First generation). After 3 year, this projet is close to the first release, opening easly capability to create real panel in the aim to build cockpit.

Flightgear Hardware Interface