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Mudry Cap10b

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{{infobox Aircraft|ready = dualcontrol|image = Cap10b.jpg|name = Mudry CAP 10b|type = training aerobatic aircraft|authors = PAF team - http:{{PAGENAME}}//equipe-flightgear.forumactif.cominfo}}|fdm = JSBsim|status = Development|fgname = cap10b <br/> cap10b-copilot|status-fdm = 3|status-systems = 3|status-cockpit = 3|status-model = 3|download = http[[File://|development = http110px]] [[File://}} The '''Mudry CAP 10b''' is a two-seat training aerobatic aircraftRembrandtready.png|110px]]
The '''Mudry CAP 10b''' is a two-seat training aerobatic aircraft. As in real life this aircraft is used for training it's the same in FlightGear with the [[Dual_control|dual control]].
Vso : 89km/h
== Aircraft help ==
{| widthclass="100%keytable"| width="30%" | Key| width="70%" | Fonction
! Key !! Function|S-| {{key press|S}} ||Start/stop smoke
== Features ==
* Dual control : pilot <ins>and</ins> copilot can control every switches and handle (mixture, throttle, fuel valve, strobe lights, nav lights, master switch...)
* Rembrandt compatible : flash lights, nav lights, landing lights, shaders
* Multiplayer compliant : every lights status are visible in multiplayer
* Complete panel : every instruments are present and simulated
* Ground reactions : With this JSBSim aircraft <ins>you '''can't''' land on water</ins>, you can broke your gears
* Effects : starter smoke, smoke, spark: if part of your aircraft touch the ground (wings, elevator, fuselage...) sparks appear at the contact point
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