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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is used to illustrate key presses. Optionally, a combination of up to ten keys can be used.


{{key press|key|key|key|key}}

For upper-case letters please use a combination of the shift key and an upper-case letter ({{key press|Shift|C}}) and for lower-case letters please use an upper-case letter ({{key press|C}}).


{{key press|G}} and {{key press|Shift|G}} will retract and extend the landing gear.

G and Shift+G will retract and extend the landing gear.

Known issues

  • For some captions workarounds will be required. Two of them are for example the captions | and = which would require you to insert {{!}} or {{=}} instead of | or =, since using a "|" or "=" inside a template will break it.
  • If a line breaks right before the template the leftmost key border stays on that line.