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FlightGear Newsletter May 2012

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FlightGear addons and mods
[[FlightGearMap]] is a new Android application that displays live FlightGear data in the form of some basic instruments and a moving map. User can choose between various [[OpenStreetMap]] maps and different display styles (just the map/panel, or both). It's still under development, but already worth downloading from [ Google Play] (Android app store).
[[File:Exemple.jpg]]== FlightGear addons and mods ==  YASIM aircraft ( engine feather )[[File:Pondfeather.png|thumb|]] With a tiny modification of the propeller.ccp file, it is possible to feather engines on Yasim aircrafts. Download beta version of the modification via this link for testing :[[propeller ccp and hpp|]] video of engine feathering and unfeathering on the Pond racer.[[Yasim feather demo|]]
== In the hangar ==

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