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FlightGear Newsletter May 2012

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Suggested flights: Origin of the Amazon River
== Suggested flights ==
===Origin of the Amazon River===
[[Image:SPRF-001.png|thumb|left|high altitude]]
[[Image:SPRF-002.png|thumb|right|high altitude]]
Peru. For this [[IFR]] tour (with [[VFR]] parts) we take off from the highest airfield in the world to discover the origin of the [ Amazon river] in South America. I promise spectacular mountains and valleys. The total length of this trip is about 175 NM.
Place your aircraft on the airfield SPRF, San Rafael. FlightGear will show snow all around you but that is not very realistic so let's clean up. View=> Rendering Options=> Snow line=> Set to max. (5,000M).
Equipment preparation: Set [[NAV1]] to [ Arequipa] VOR-DME at 113.7 with a radial of 176° (magnetic). Set [[NAV2]] to [ Cusco] VOR-DME at 114.9 also with a radial of 176°.
Set [[QNH]] and during flight keep correcting it, it's a bad idea to use [[Pressure altitude]] during this flight. Set the [[heading bug]] to 250°. Arm the [[autopilot]] and set the initial [[altitude]] to 16,000 feet.
The airfield SPRF, San Rafael has an [[elevation]] of 14,422 feet. That altitude will cause problems during take-off. It takes a lot longer for the aircraft to gain sufficient speed for take-off, also the take-off speed that is needed is higher as you would expect. Perhaps an additional notch of flaps is needed.
Take-off, avoid the bumps (there are plenty) and fly a course of 250°. After about 80 NM you will fly over the radial of NAV1. Intercept the radial towards Arequipa. At a distance of 75 NM towards NAV1 you will have to increase altitude to 19,000 feet.
At a distance of 50 NM towards NAV1 and 118 NM from NAV2 you will see and cross over the mountain [ Nevado Mismi] with an altitude of 18,362 ft. The rains and water on the area to the right until Nevado Mismi will leave towards the Atlantic ocean through the Amazon river. Anything to the left and after Nevado Mismi will leave towards the Pacific ocean.
After Nevado Mismi you are tempted to descend. Don't. Just before the airfield is [ Mt.Chachani] with an altitude of 19,872 feet and to the East is the active volcano [ El Misti] with an altitude of 19,101 feet. You can either increase the altitude and fly over the airfield or keep the altitude, even descend and fly between the mountains, your choice depends on the visibility.
Fly using the heading bug and set NAV1 to [[ILS]] 109.7 with a radial of 93.2°. We will land at airfield [ SPQU, Rodriguez ballon], that has an elevation of 8,405 feet. There is a reason this airfield has just one ILS. The area South-West of the airfield is below 11,405 feet and is safe to navigate.
Position the aircraft in front of the runway at an altitude of 11,405 feet, catch the [[glidescope]] at a distance of 9.5 NM and land your aircraft. After landing and parking your aircraft crawl into the tower to look around.
Happy flying!
For more amazing flights see [[Suggested Flights]].
====Airports and coordinates====
[[Image:SPQU-001.png|thumb|left|pre - landing]]
[[Image:World-SPRF.png|thumb|right|Latitude: -14.267 Longitude: -70.467]]
* [[SPRF|SPRF - San Rafael]] - [ chart]
* [[SPQU|SPQU - Rodriguez Ballon]] - [ chart]
required scenery tile:
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====Suggested aircraft====
I recomend a powerful jet angine airplane, but not too heavy !
* [[Cessna 550 Citation II]]
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====FlightGear launching====
fgfs --airport=SPRF --aircraft=Citation-II
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== Aircraft reviews ==

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