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TerraGear GUI

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Explaining the elevation file range.
Alternatively you can download shapefiles from [ the mapserver by hand]. Unpack the downloaded file(s) to your <tt>{project's directory}/data/</tt>.
===== Elevation =====[[File:HGT tiles example.png|thumb|An example of HGT file tiles.]]Elevation files are optional, but ofcourse required to generate scenery with elevation offsets (even flat countries like the Netherlands need elevation data, since a country isn't 100% at sealevel. Elevation data (in the form of HGT files) is somewhat tricky, as you have to download each single tile by hand. If your scenery has a boundary of:{| class="wikitable"!! Min! max|-! Latitude| 33| 37|-! Longitude| -2| 2|}The GUI would display the range as <tt>N33W002-N37E002</tt>. This means you have to download all tiles in that range, which are all the tiles as shown in the image on the right. Unpack the downloaded elevation file(s) in <tt>{project's directory}/data/SRTM-30</tt>.
=== Elevation ===

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