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TerraGear GUI

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Update to 0.9.0 release
| developedby = Gijs de Rooy (original by Alex Park)
| initialrelease = March 24, 2009 (original)<br>March 27, 2010
| latestrelease = 0.89.x (January 20March 31, 2012)
| writtenin = C++ (Qt)
| os = Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
You can do two things now:
*'''Already-made airports:''' Locate FlightGears <tt>apt.dat.gz</tt> file, which is usually in <tt>[[$FG ROOT]]/Airports/</tt> in the just created directory.
*'''Home-made airports:''' if you created an airport in [[TaxiDraw]] or [[WorldEditor]], just use the .dat file that you exported.
Use the button to browse to the .dat file of your choice. If you only want to create Select the scenery for a specific airport you can enter the ICAO name into format of your .dat file from the relevant fielddropdown. By defaultTaxiDraw created 810 format, only airports within while WorldEditor does the specified boundaries will be processed850 format.
If you check * '''All airports in area''' generates all the checkbox airports within the boundaries as set on the start tab.* '''Single airport''' to "Process all generate the scenery for a specific airport. Enter the ICAO code into the field. * '''Single tile''' only processes airports that are located on the given tileid.* '''All airports", in apt.da''' the tool will run through the entire apt.dat file, which can take a long (!) time when using the default apt.dat from FlightGear.
=== Materials ===

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