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Es/FlightGear Newsletter March 2011

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Eastern Asia
==== Eastern Asia ====
A bunch of new Asian buildings is added, including:* Two International Finance Centre - Hong Kong - China* International Commerce Center - Hong Kong - China* Shanghai World Finance Center - Shanghai - China* Jin Mao Tower - Shanghai - China* Oriental Pearl Tower - Shanghai - China* Tuntex Sky Tower - Kaohsiung - Taïwan* Northeast Asia Trade Tower - Incheon - South Korea* 63 Building - Seoul - South Korea* N Seoul Tower - Seoul - South Korea  Han sido ñadidos añadidos un montón de nuevos edificios en Asia, entre ellos:
* Dos Centros de Internacionales de Finanzas - Hong Kong - China
* Centro de Comercio Internacional - Hong Kong - China
* Torre Jin Mao - Shanghai - China
* Torre de la Perla Oriental - Shanghai - China
* Torre Tuntex Sky Tower - Kaohsiung - Taiwán* Trade Tower Torre de Comercio del nordeste asiático - Incheon - Corea del Sur
* Edificio 63 - Seúl - Corea del Sur
* Torre N de Seúl - Seúl - Corea del Sur

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