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TerraGear GUI

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| writtenin = C++ (Qt)
| os = Windows (Linux, Mac OS X)
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The '''GUI''' tool for '''[[TerraGear]]''' allows people to create [[scenery]] for [[FlightGear]] without using commandlines.
# Set the TerraGear directory, in which you'll find ogr-decode, fgfs-construct etc. TerraGear must be downloaded/build seperatly from the GUI!
# Set the project's directory. In this directory, all project related stuff will be stored throughout the process. You best choose an empty directory specific to your project.
# Set your FlightGear's root ([[$FG_ROOT]]). This is used to retrieve the list of available terrain materials.
=== HGT chop ===
'''Warning: *_landmass MUST be mapped onto the material Default.'''
You can delete shapefiles and materials from the lists by double-clicking on them. A single click on a material will allow you to edit it; to create custom materials that are not (yet) in materials.xml (do note that FlightGear will apply the default material to those landclasses, untill you create the material in materials.xml!).
=== FGFS Construct ===
The GUI is currently undergoing a complete rebuild and re-written in [ Qt]. This will allow us to build the GUI on multiple OSes (Mac OS X, UNIX, Windows).
The current source code can be retrieved [ from Gitorious].
Feel free to add feature requests and/or bug reports.
=== Requested features ===
* Creating automatically all needed folders for shapefiles and the decoded ones. This includeds automated decoding all shapefiles in a directory.* Maybe error reports possible? So you get a message when a certain file isn't found, or a certain path isn't set. Right now it only appears in the console, but it's hard to read the fast scrolling text.
[[Category:Scenery enhancement]]

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