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Boeing 787

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Boeing featured its first 787 in a rollout ceremony on July 8, 2007 at its assembly factory in Everett, Washington, by which time it had become the fastest-selling wide body airliner in history with nearly 600 orders. Originally scheduled to enter service in May 2008, production has been delayed and it is currently scheduled to enter into service in late 2009.
[[ImageFile:787-cockpit-up.jpg|thumb|right|Inside the 3d cockpit of the 787 looking up]][[ImageFile:787-cockpit-down.jpg|thumb|right|Inside the 3d cockpit of the 787 looking down]]
==Aircraft help==
This is for the version unfortunately not available on the official Download page or per CVS. However, it does work with the version provided in the link above.
# start APU on electrical panel and wait for its work mode (on EICAS will be message "APU running").
# on APU start on 1 second lights APU FAILURE - this is normal - build-in APU-controller test runs.
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==Development==[[ImageFile:787 tailstrike.png|thumb|right|The tailstrike effect]]===FDM===*Engines down from 90500 to 66500 lbs of thrust*Cruise speed down to 488.*Cruise alt up to 37000*Slightly adjusted weight.*Repositioned hstab and vstab, eliminated elevator spazz.*Adjusted approach from 120 and aoa at 7 to 150 and aoa at .5*Added pushback thruster*Added 6 adjustable weights-crew, first class, business class, economy class, front cargo, and rear cargo*Slowed down flap extension rate-from 5 seconds 0-full to 40 seconds 0-full.*Improved fuselage model in the FDM for better drag realism*Changed engine fuel consumption data*Service ceiling is closer to 43000 now.*Multiple geometry wing, development version only*Spoiler script using each wing separately, development version only*Modified reverse thrust script, development version only
===Models===*Pushback model (it rotates when the rudder is turned, but not to the same amount of wheel turn)*Gear smoke (from 777)*Contrails added*Tailstrike spark effect (a modified gear smoke code), not on development version*Smoke associated with tailstrike, not on development version*Tailstrike effect on the engines, not on development version*HUD now is activated only with by clicking on it instead of using FG HUD; it can also be flipped out of the way with middle click.*The green bitsof the HUD are out of place on the development version.
===Other===*Autopilot works with 2.0 successfully in all areas, but may need a bit of tweaking.*Added "development" version that is the serious development version. Is missing some things and has view problems.*Livery paint guide added. It's not quite a paintkit, but it will do for now.
===To-do===*Redo cockpit to a real 787 type cockpit (see image linked to below)*LIVERIES: Make more liveries for real 787-8 customers. A list of wanted liveries will be made in next release.*Extend fuselage model and make a 787-9, with FDM as well.*POSSIBLY: 787-3 and 787-10 models.
==External Links==*Picture of cockpit. [http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/787-flight-deck.jpg]
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