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Boeing 787

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{{infobox Aircraft
|livery =ANA, Continental, First Choice,LAN,Delta Air Lines,Northwest Airlines,Dreamliner,Continental Airlines
|fdm =YASim
|status = Released(Currently Undergoing Testing & minor/major model changes)
|Informatist =Fabio,D
|authors =Josh Wilson & others/Fabio=Providing you with information&Download)
|fgname =787-8
|download =http://www.2sharedmediafire.com/file/8937238/c30d6d7e/787withAPfixed.html?dxi4j2izmnm
# on electrical panel switch off APU GEN and turn off APU.
<br style="clear:both;"/>
==Current Changes==
-Engines down from 90500 to 66500 lbs of thrust
-Cruise speed down to 488.
-Cruise alt up to 40000
-Slightly adjusted weight.
-Somehow removed elevator spazz.
-Repositioned hstab and vstab.
-Adjusted approach from 120 and aoa at 7 to 150 speed and aoa at 0
-Added pushback thruster
-Added 6 adjustable weights-crew, first class, business class, economy class, front cargo, and rear cargo
-Pushback model (it rotates when the rudder is turned, but not to the same amount of wheel turn)
-Gear smoke (from 777)
-Contrails (which aren't working right now, probably because I tried to add a toggle for them, but are from 737-300)
-Tailstrike spark effect (a modified gear smoke code)
-Smoke associated with tailstrike
-Tailstrike effect on the engines
-Kept the original FDM and made it into its own aircraft-787STOL.
-Made separate aircrafts for 1.9.1 and 2.0-this is to compensate for any discrepancies between the two version in terms of AP and FDM.
==Related content==

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