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FG Int Objects Modules

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{{Sidebar| name = GUI Navbar| title = :FG Int Objects Modulessidebar}}| contentstyle = text-align: left;| content1 = Modules in FG interface are Object Class , as like a map, to build a new object. You have learned about '''Raspberry PI SetupHT16K33'''and '''MCP23017''' classes, they are Modules, special Modules named in FG Interface world '''Devices'''. I made this difference to split and make the difference between switch , displays .. etc and the hardware driver chip.<br />* [[Switches Class]]| content9 = All Modules Classes are loaded into the interface, ready to be used and can be requested with the '''NavigationgetModule()'''Interface Method. To be loaded, the module need to be declared.For memory, the main config file : <syntaxhighlight lang="ini">* [[FG interfaceINT]intname=RADIOPANELdeviceconf=/opt/fgint/Config/RadioPanel/devices.cfg [MODULES]module01=FGIntHT16K33,HT16K33module02=FGIntMCP23017,MCP23017module03=FGIntSegDisplay,SegDisplaymodule04=FGIntSwDisplay,SwitchLightmodule05=FGIntSwitch,Switchmodule06=FGIntSwitch,ToogleSwitchmodule07=RotaryEncoder,RotaryEncoder [[File:FGInt front view.png|thumb|FG Interface. Final prototype alpha]AUXCONF]}}displays=/opt/fgint/Config/RadioPanel/displays.cfgswlights=/opt/fgint/Config/RadioPanel/swlights.cfgswitches= FG Interface Module /opt/fgint/Config/RadioPanel/switches.cfgtglswitches=/opt/fgint/Config/RadioPanel/tglswitches.cfgencoders=/opt/fgint/Config/RadioPanel/rotenc.cfg{{WIP}}</syntaxhighlight> In the '''MODULES''' section, you can see all modules that will be loaded.Here We are loading '''HT16K33''' from module file ''''''. Same thing for the '''MCP23017''' Module in the '''''', '''''' with the '''SegDisplay''' Class Some Module file can handle more than one Class, as like '''''' where you can find different Class for different switch types.'''''' own the folling classes : * '''Switch''' : Single switch 2 states* '''DoubleSwitch''' : Single switch 3 states* '''RotarySwitch''' : Use to manage a rotary switch (variable nb position)* '''ToogleSwitch''' : Single Push button that will switch between 2 states at each push

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