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Autogen Scenery
Started in 11/2013
Description Improved autogen support for FlightGear using OSM data
Contributor(s) radi, vanosten, Soitanen, portreekid
Status Under active development as of 02/2016
Topic branches:
$FG_SRC https://gitlab.com/osm2city/osm2city/
fgdata https://gitlab.com/osm2city/osm2city-data/

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. Its data can be used to build scenery for FlightGear.


As of September 12 2012, the OpenStreetMap data is licensed under Open Database License (ODbL), which is believed to be compatible with the GPL. The former license was the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0.

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