Douglas DC-8-73

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Douglas DC-8-73
Type Airliner/freighter
Author(s) Bob Faulkner (3D model, FDM), Isaias Prestes (cockpit, 63 conversion)
--aircraft= dc8-73
Status Alpha

The Douglas DC-8 was the first entry into the commercial jet airliner market fielded by Douglas Aircraft. It is a 4 engine model. The 70 series variants, also known as the "super 70's", are "super 60's" airframes upgraded with CFM56 engines. These represent the versions with the greatest range, fuel efficiency, take off weight, and least noise.

This project was started at the end of December, 2009.

Fuel Tank mapping
FG Tank DC-8 tank
0 1 main
1 2 main
2 3 main
3 4 main
4 1 alt
5 4 alt
6 center
7 aux

Note that the Auxiliary tanks are 2 tanks near each wing root contained in the leading edges of the wings. In this model, those tanks are modeled as a single tank with a location between the leading edges, on the center line of the fuselage. This roughly models an evenly distributed fuel load between the two tanks, which should be the case in real life.


This model is currently in the alpha phase.

Alpha was released December 2, 2010.

Model as of March 20, 2010




  • Basic fuselage
  • Horizontal and vertical stabilizers
  • Basic FDM (basic DC-8 tuning completed)
  • Wings
  • Wheels (animated)
  • Gear struts (basic, animated)
  • Engines (fans and reversers animated)
  • Ailerons, Flaps (animated)
  • Rudder and Elevators (animated)
  • Windows and refine fuselage model.
  • Gear wells and doors (animated)
  • Basic ATI (Air Transport International) livery, default on model.
  • Basic cockpit
  • Alpha Release

Current stage:

  • Full Cockpit model
  • Slots and Exhaust gates

To do (in order of attack):

  • Doors
  • Add External details (Lights, pitot, etc)
  • Control and trim tabs.
  • Refine animations to respect DC-8 behaviors.
  • Near completed Cockpit functionality.
  • Refine FDM
  • Complete ATI default livery and add NASA livery.
  • Beta Release
  • Finalize cockpit (fully modeled down to books on shelves)
  • Finalize any outstanding details of model (bits and pieces needed for realism)
  • Finalize FDM
  • Final Release

Known issues


  • Nose gear does not always return to center steering angle when leaving the ground.
  • Some cockpit instruments currently do not function.


  • Nose gear animation dramatically over steers when using rudder alone.


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