TerraSync by hand using SVN

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If you want to manually download FlightGear World Scenery 2.0 from the TerraSync repository, you can do so by using the command line subversion client.

First of all we have to make the directory where you want to store the scenery and change into it. Then set up the local SVN repository to hold everything. To do this we need to check the URL you need to use. We'll grab that information from the FlightGear scenery server, pull the URL out of it and use that URL in the SVN command line to set up the base storage area. Once that is finished we can download the Airports and Models directories. To complete this task, we will set up the Objects and Terrain directories to hold that scenery data as you request it.

mkdir /path/to/store/the/Scenery
cd /path/to/store/the/Scenery
wget http://scenery.flightgear.org/svn-server -O svn-server
cat svn-server
svn checkout --non-recursive {the full URL from the above line's output} .  [NOTE: make sure you get/use the trailing dot!]
svn update Airports
svn update Models
svn update --non-recursive Objects
svn update --non-recursive Terrain

To get parts of the scenery, use commands like these. The directory "e000n40" in the SVN lines is a 10x10 degree tile of the world.

cd /path/to/store/the/Scenery
svn update Objects/e000n40
svn update Terrain/e000n40

The main thing to remember is to be in the directory you created when you use these commands.

Once you have the scenery you want to use, you can easily update it at any time by using the following commands:

cd /path/to/store/the/Scenery
svn update

To see what data is available, you can view the Flightgear TerraSync Server directory using this link.