Howto:Using the Performance monitor without PUI

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PUI being slow, using it for the performance monitor stats is affecting simulator performance unnecessarily.


The performance monitor does not need to be used using the monitor.nas script, it can also be enabled manually using a property switch (during startp, but also at runtime). The statistics will then be written to a dedicated branch in the property tree (location), so that they can be inspected using a number of ways:

  • the pronberty browser
  • telnet
  • httpd interface
  • Canvas
  • ...

Have you checked the performance monitor to see if there are any obvious candidates showing up there ? If in doubt, enable the performance monitor using the property browser - and then inspect it using the property browser and/or the httpd/telnet interfaces, i.e. so that you can disable/exclude PUI (our legacy GUI) entirely.

And can you reproduce this at all in a non-terrain location (above ocean/minimal startup profile) ? it would be better to look at the performance monitor stats without using the PUI dialog, e.g. by using the httpd-based property browser or the telnet daemon (--props).

You will have to manually activate the property browser (if in doubt, refer to menubar.xml for details)

Alternatively, use the property browser, which is more lightweight than the performance monitor dialog.