Bombardier Dash 8

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Dash 8 (DHC8-300Q)
Type Airliner
Configuration High wing aircraft
Propulsion Turboprop aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft
Manufacturer de Havilland Canada, Bombardier Aerospace
Author(s) Alex Park
--aircraft= dhc8
Status Development
 Website The website for the Dash 8 (DHC8-300Q) developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Dash 8 (DHC8-300Q).
Download Download the Dash 8 (DHC8-300Q) aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
Forum 'Dash 8 (DHC8-300Q)' topic on the FlightGear forum.
License GPLv2+
Two DHC-8s in British Airways colors at TNCM.

The Bombardier Dash 8, previously known as the de Havilland Canada Dash 8 or DHC-8 is a twin turboprop aircraft typically used on short-haul routes.

The FlightGear version is a working DHC8-300Q model, although lacking some instruments, most importantly the VSI.

Version Tested

Aircraft from FlightGear version 2.6 download page (v20101217)

Works with FlightGear 1.9.1
Not tested with other FlightGear versions

Flying the Dash 8

The aircraft starts up in FlightGear with its engines started and running. The parking brakes have to be released with SHIFT-B and power increased, upon which the aircraft quickly gathers speed. Rotation is made at around 100 kt.

The aircraft is very stable but responds well to roll and pitch inputs: aileron and elevator. Setting the autopilot and throttling back the engines results in a fast cruise speed of above 200 kt.

The Dash-8 can fly very slowly in landing configuration, as I found out when trying to land in a hurry. Although not recommended, 60 degree banked turns are possible at low speeds in landing configuration at medium weight, and flying as slow as 80 kt, landing roll is quite short.

The exterior model is a bit squarish, however the liveries provided, particularly the Jazz and British Airways liveries make the model quite attractive.

Instrumentation is very basic as listed below, and I had to add the VSI manually in order to fly the plane reasonably safely.

Once instruments are added and the cockpit enhanced, it should be a favorite.

Instruments Included

Air Speed Indicator (ASI)
Artificial Horizon
Engine Instruments

Instruments that need to be added

Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)


(From dhc8.xml file for model)
Stall speed :Full Flaps = 58 kt
Stall speed : No Flaps = 74 kt
Take- Off Speed: 90 kt?
Max speed for flaps and gear:
Never Exceed speed:?
Cruise Speed:287 kt
Climb: 1800 fpm



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