Aircraft metadata checklist

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This list is various simple checks and modifications to improve user experience with aircraft.

(For each of these items, we need to show an example of the XML changes required)

Metadata / -set.xml

Checking / fixing these items should take about 30 minutes per aircraft (maybe a little longer the first time)

For full description of each item, see aircraft -set.xml description

  • Ensure the aircraft ratings are set and not wildly inaccurate.
  • Ensure any tags are from the official list of tags:
  • Ensure the aircraft has a suitable name and description
  • For multi-variant aircraft, ensure the primary aircraft is a sensible choice (for example not a copilot or floats/skis variant), and that other variants declare a 'variant-of' referencing the primary

In the primary (for example in f16-block-52-set.xml):

   <primary-set type="bool">true</primary-set>

In the variants: (for example in f16-block-10-set.xml):

  • Add new-style preview images
  • Ensure the thumbnail is the correct size and follows the guidelines (not a logo, not a photograph) (Insert the basic thumbnail size here)
  • Set minimum-fg-version and compatible-fg-version values in the -set.xml if required
  • Review the 'catalog generator' error messages for the aircraft (for example XML formatting errors)
  • Ensure any development files are excluded from the generated .zip (for example XCF or PSD files)
  • Examine the console log and resolve any reported aircraft issues (for example PNG bad color profile, missing files, etc.) (Need to document options to do this)
  • Add an appropriate MP fallback model

Code changes

  • Ensure the aircraft uses the global property for enabling/disabling the pilot model.
  • ?