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  • Aerospace Technology
  • Motorsport (F1, WEC)
MP callsign(s) I-UDDM
Favourite aircraft
Website iuddm.wordpress

I'm dammasu, maybe you know me as I-UDDM on Discord or in the forum, that's also my callsign when I fly online. I'm a frequent flyer, mostly connected to multiplayer, mainly focused on general aviation planes (c172). I fly over northern Italy (LIPQ as the base airport) or in Greenland (BGSF airport).

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About me & why I am here

When I was 3yo I flew for the first time in a ULM (what we call "VDS - Veicolo da Diporto Sportivo" here in Italy). That was the trigger point... where everything begins. I love everything that's about flying, I still find a bit of magic when I see a plane taking-off and that's what pushes me forward to understand everything behind that. I studied in an aeronautical technical institute (aeronautical maintenance & logistic problems behind airplane transport was the main subject). Then I started my college adventure in Aerospace Engineering (now I'm in my third year).

My experience in flight simulation

My flight simulator experience started more or less ten years ago, with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. It was an old one (even for that time), but I did not have a performing computer, and use an old simulator was my only choice. When I started High School I bought a new PC and with them a complete Saitek Pro Flight Sistem (yoke and levers, plus rudders). Also, the system was upgraded.. I used both Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and FSX for a really long time. After many years I abandoned the Microsoft Flight Simulator family, moving on to the Laminar Research ones. I used X-Plane 9 for a while during the transition from FS9 to FSX but I found it not at the same level as the Microsoft Simulators... X-Plane 11 was different from my eyes and well... I still use it sometimes. As PC now I have an assembled one, that gives me more freedom about what a Flight Sim needs.

From Milan to America in a c172

In April 2020 I-MATN (a colleague of mine from university, who is also passionate about flying) and I (I-UDDM) started a flight based on a fairly crazy idea: fly from Milan to America, crossing the Atlantic Ocean by a Cessna c172p. All the information and some pictures are available on my website.

At the beginning we flew over continental Europe (LIML - LSZH - LFSN - LFAC), then we move up over the United Kingdom (EGCL - EGNT - EGEO). At this point in the travel we saw for the first time the Atlantic Ocean.


Planning the travel

We have not planned every single piece in detail from the beginning: it was an ongoing adventure. To plan every single leg of our trip we started on SkyVector to find which airport can be good as the arrival. The next step is to create our flight plan. to do this, we used SimBrief, we love them!


Logo of the project FVGUA

FVGUA (Friuli Venezia Giulia Ultralight Aerodromes) is a project that I created in April 2020 that wants to bring in FlightGear all the airfields for ULM aircraft in northern-east Italy (especially in Friuli Venezia Giulia region). More info on my website.


Name Code 1 Code 2 Latitude Longitude Ele [ft] Ele [m] State
Aviosuperficie La Comina PNCOM IT-0086 45.987222 12.654444 200 60.96
Aviosuperficie Piancada UDPNC IT-0171 45.76417 13.073040 0 0
Campo di volo Al Ranch UDBER IT-0402 45.923500 13.033567 0 0
Campo di volo Ali Friuli UDCIV IT-0397 46.056493 13.426248 370 112.776
Aviosuperficie Al Casale UDCOD IT-0211 45.984750 12.924380 148 45.1104
Campo di volo Cordovado PNCDV IT-0464 45.836570 12.892801 0 0
Aviosuperficie Zampieri UDENE IT-0114 46.404444 12.882500 3281 1000.0488
Aviosuperficie AS77 UD20 IT-0302 45.959950 13.205640 0 0
Aviosuperficie Chiasiellis UDMOR IT-0405 45.944928 13.208403 118 35.9664
Campo di volo Fly Synthesis UDFLY IT-0406 45.968667 13.233550 167 50.9016
Agriturismo Turus GOMOS IT-0301 45.923709 13.541016 177 53.9496
Aviosuperficie AVRO UD03 IT-0189 46.235833 13.073333 557 169.7736
Campo di volo Volo libero Carnia UDCER IT-0421 46.524053 13.004055 0 0
Campo di volo Pasiano PNPAS IT-0463 45.832273 12.593565 19 5.7912
Campo di volo Fly Evolution UDPAV IT-0407 45.981982 13.306923 187 56.9976 WIP
Campo di volo Always UDPOV IT-0403 46.133883 13.278224 344 104.8512
Aviosuperficie Pravisdomini PNPRA IT-0140 45.824167 12.685278 0 0
Aviosuperficie San Mauro UDPRE IT-0372 46.068333 13.366883 351 106.9848
Campo di volo I Grifoni UDSVT IT-0404 45.913470 13.371861 95 28.956
Agriturismo Sasso d'Oro PNSEQ IT-0204 46.181389 12.822500 780 237.744
Campo di volo Pajaro Loco - IT-0422 45.867979 12.792206 197 60.0456
Campo di volo Prosecco - IT-0078 45.703333 13.759722 820 249.936
Aviosuperficie Ultralight Friuli UDTRI IT-0173 45.930980 13.362 0 0
Aviosuperficie Blu Silo - IT-0162 45.887222 12.627778 31 9.4488

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