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===About me===
I'm a boy from Europe, that likes aviation and wants to be a hobby pilot and/or aircraft engineer later. ;)
===My work===
My main project is EchoAir Aircraft ([http://ea-aircraft.jimdo.com ea-aircraft.jimdo.com]).
Therefor I've designed and built several aircraft like the EchoAir 2015 or the EchoAir Xperience, at the moment I'm designing the echoJET and the echoREGIO.<br />
I've also worked on the Evektor EV-55 and I'm building the Pipistrel Alpha Electro at the moment <br />
Last but not least I've worked on the scenery of Elba and La Gomera. (at the moment Lofoten scenery)
===Contact me===
You can contact me via the forum ({{forum link|type=member|title=D-ECHO|u=17951}})

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