Space Shuttle (FG Space Program)

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Space Shuttle
Author(s) Jon S. Berndt (FDM)
--aircraft= /shuttle-jsbsim
Status Development
Supports Space trip

NASA's Space Shuttle, officially called the Space Transportation System (STS), was the spacecraft used by the United States government for its human spaceflight missions until July, 2011.

Space Shuttle Enterprise is on display at the National Air and Space Museum.

Development status/Issues/Todo



  • 3d cockpit is not available


  • No HUD available
  • Because the shuttle is a glider without engines after re-entry, the initial starting position should be somewhere at an altitude of over 80000 feet

New Version:

The new version of the Space Shuttle has now 3 main engines, 2 booster rockets, 5 orbit control engines (with reversers, makes control of 10 directions), 2 orbit manouver engines (pitchably for real manouver in orbit), braking parachute, smoke for all engines, robotarm, doors, launching satelit and a man in the dock. All animations are in MP-modus, full orbit manouver system to hold a stable orbit at 150.000-300.000 ft, mach 30, HUD with extra information, 2 versions for MP-modus (Columbia and Atlantis), light system, help menue, all sounds, new JSBSim FDM. Development by HerbyW.

Aircraft help

STS-1 "Atlantis"

Cheat sheet

Key Function
Shift + B Set or unset the parking brake.
Control + B Deploy the speedbrakes.
G Raise the landing gear.
Shift + G Lower the landing gear.
] Lower flaps.
[ Raise flaps.
H Hide or show the HUD.
F2 Deploy parachute.
F11 Open autopilot dialog.
: then D then f Open Payload-Fuel dialog. Note Upper and Lower Case sensitive.


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