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|developers  = Red Griffin
|developers  = Red Griffin
|website = https://sourceforge.net/projects/red-griffin-atc/
|website = https://sourceforge.net/projects/red-griffin-atc/
|subforum = {{forum url|t=36755|}}

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Note: Although still incomplete, the information it contains is valid and available.
See history for the latest developments.
Red Griffin AC
Started in 2019
Description Red Griffin ATC - Speaking Air Traffic Controller addon for FlightGear
Contributor(s) Red Griffin
Status Under active development (12/2019)
Website https://sourceforge.net/projects/red-griffin-atc/
Subforum https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?t=36755
Approaching an airport from runway heading
Approaching an airport from behind runway heading

Red Griffin ATC is a speaking Air Traffic Controller addon for FlightGear.

Download the latest version of the Red Griffin ATC addon here.


  • Support for ground, take off, visual approach, ILS and landing operations
  • Speech synthesis of messages through native Flightgear speech synthesizer
  • ATC can be operated both with mouse and keyboard
  • Independent dialog window or popup window operation modes
  • Determination of proper take-off and landing runways according to wind direction and airport settings
  • Status monitor for both ground and flying modes (ground speed, current position, runway alignment, runway approaching)
  • Determination of approaching routes and patterns according to position and route manager
  • Automatic control and warning in case of incorrect procedure
  • Radio station type check according to ATC request
  • Automated ATC callback messages according to procedure
  • Dedicated window with available radios
  • Automatic selection of ATC requests according to aircraft status and position
  • Information about the current airport
  • Information about the tuned communication radio
  • Support for CTR (Controlled Traffic Region)
  • When flying in an approved CTR, ATC will check your correct altitude and warns in case the aircraft is flying too low or towards terrain, such as hills or mountains. ATC may also require the pilot to change altitude according to heading and area.
  • When flying in an approved CTR, the pilot can request to the ATC to change its current flight level with dedicated buttons
  • When flying in an approved CTR, in case the aircraft is about to leave the CTR range, ATC will inform the pilot about the neighboring CTR and gives information about the corresponging radio in order to request transition approval to the new zone.
  • Displayed information according to flight/approach/lading modes
  • Buttons for aborting approach, ILS and landing procedures
  • And a lot more

How to install Red Griffin ATC

  • Download Red Griffin ATC package from the sourceforge repository.
  • You will automatically get either a .zip or .tar.gz file depending on your system
  • Unpack the archive with a proper command (zip or tar) or utility in a convenient place of your disk
  • It will be created a directory named RedGriffinATC containing the addon

Running Red Griffin ATC addon from command line

  • Start fgfs including --addon=<your_local_path>/RedGriffinATC option in the command line

Running Red Griffin ATC addon from the Launcher

  • Start Flightgear launcher
  • Click "Add-ons" button
  • Scroll down to "Add-on Module folders" section
  • Click "Add +" button
  • Select "RedGriffinATC" directory from the path where you unpacked the distribution file
  • The add-on will be added to the list of installed addons. Make sure it is enabled and the corresponding "check-box" is checked.
  • Start Flightgear by clicking the "Fly!" button

How to use Red Griffin ATC

Red Griffin ATC can be operated both with the mouse and the keyboard. You will find a new item "Red Griffin ATC" in Flightgear's menu from wich you can open and close the main dialog window as well as get help about keyboard commands and information about the addon. You can open or close the main dialog window by pressing the backslash key. You can also show the "popup dialog" by pressing "Ctrl + Backslash" key sequence.

Red Griffin ATC Keys and Commands

Key Function
\ Open or close dialog
Ctrl+\ Show popup dialog
Ctrl+4 Send message 1 to ATC
Ctrl+5 Send message 2 to ATC
Ctrl+6 Send message 3 to ATC
Ctrl+7 Send message 4 to ATC
Ctrl+0 Request CTR transition
Ctrl+ Shift+4 Request Flight Level 1
Ctrl+ Shift+5 Request Flight Level 2
Ctrl+ Shift+6 Request Flight Level 3
Ctrl+ Shift+0 Abort Approach/ILS/Landing

Red Griffin ATC videos

Demonstration Flight and Tutorial

Assisted Visual Approach and Landing

ILS Landing

Operating the ATC with Keyboard Only

Procedure Control, Warning and Approach Routes

Altitude, Terrain Control, Flight Level Change

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