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Lofoten are a group of islands in northern Norway.

Custom Scenery

D-ECHO created a custom scenery for the Lofoten.


  • New and improved landclasses (based on old landclasses and OSM data)
  • Current airport versions built from gateway.x-plane.com
  • OSM2City buildings
  • Airport and general scenery objects Available via terrasync!

Comparison: current TerraSync scenery - Custom scenery

The city of Reine, TerraSync (down) and custom scenery (up)
The airport and heliport of Vaeroy, TerraSync (left) and custom scenery (right)


The whole scenery will be available for download soon ;)
The development repository is available at https://gitlab.com/decho/lofoten You can download the osm2city buildings via git: https://gitlab.com/decho/lofoten_osm

Suggested tours

The old airport

The airport of Vaeroy was closed in 1992 because of a serious accident 2 years before.(-> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wider%C3%B8e_Flight_839) It is very dangerous and difficult to fly there because of the strong west-winds. In FlightGear, start at Leknes or Rost airport with a DHC-6 or similar and fly to this airport. Set weather to live data or "Stormy Monday"!

What you can expect...


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