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Two KX165 stacked in the C172p

General Description

The KX165 is a single unit, panel mounted VHF communication transceiver and VHF navigation receiver. It has a built in glideslope receiver and a VOR/LOC converter. It is commonly used in general aviation aircraft. It comes in slightly different flavours like KX155, KX165 and KX165A. This FlightGear version is the 25kHz version for the communication transceiver.


The KX165 combines a communication transceiver and a navigation receiver in one box. The controls to operate the communication transceiver are located on the left half of the instrument, while the navigation receiver's controls can be found on the right half of the panel. All controls can be accessed with the mouse by clicking the panel hot spots. Hit Ctrl-C to see the active areas of the instrument. Linux users may also use the mouse wheel to turn the frequency and volume knobs while pointing at the active areas.


The volume control of the communication transceiver (left half) also functions as the power switch of the device. Turning the knob fully counter clockwise sets the volume to zero and turns off the entire instrument. Turning the knob clockwise switches the device on and increases the volume of the communication audio. Pulling the volume knob (click with mouse button 1) disables the squelch to test the receiver and the audio level. The volume control of the navigation receiver (right half) can be used to adjust the audio level of received ident signals. This knob can also be pulled (mouse button 1) to disable the squelch.

Frequency Selection

...to be continued...

OBS display

This is not modeled in the current FlightGear version.

Technical Data