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Hi, I have tried to follow your tutorial to learn, how to fly the seneca right (until now, I did just flew it)

As you fly the Seneca yourself it might be hard to understand that a newbee cannot follow "At 500ft above the field reduce the power to 31" manifold pressure and 2500 RPM.Accelerate to 100knots climb speed for a better engine cooling."

I am using a normal joystick. So I reduced the throttle to about those values, with the success, that I slowed down, even if I reduce the climb rate. The plane simply did not accelerate to 100.

I guess there is something left out. Could you please explain some basics? How do you control MP and RPM seperately? With throttle and propeller? What means "Propeller High RPM?" In which position are the cowl flaps open? Lever up or down? There are many problems for someone who wants to try and learn using this already very detailed tutorial...

Would be a great thing if you could explain it a bit more detailed...

Thanks Wolfram

Error in http://wiki.flightgear.org/File:Seneca_II_reference_left.jpg

Hi T3r, You have an error in this image. You have the autopilot mode switch labelled with a 13. It should be labelled with a 57. And thanks for providing those images and the reference guide. J8d4c3 01:26, 4 March 2013 (UTC)