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FlightGear Flight Academy

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The FlightGear Flight Academy is a virtual school that teaches how to control an aircraft, read maps and charts, use navigation facilities and instruments, do standard procedures and everything else needed by a pilot.


Check FlightGear IRC channel on how to join an IRC channel.

What you need

  • Aircraft: Cessna C172P (with Dual control)
  • Scenery with the airport (specify) where the flightschool is based: (which scenery square?)

How lessons are performed

Reading materials

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook
Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Flight Simulator Navigation
FlightGear VFR Cross Country Tutorial
FlightGear IFR Cross Country Tutorial
Examples For Various Flight Instruments
FAA Glider Flying Handbook
FAA Rotorcraft Flying Handbook
FAA Instrument Flying Handbook

Studying plan

== Private Pilot Lessons ==

Emergency Descent
Slow Flight (Minimum Controllable Airspeed)
Rectangular Course
Soft Field Landing
Steep Turns
Take Off
Emergency Approach
Go Around
Normal Landing
Short Field Landing
Stalls and Spin Awareness
Turns About a Point