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FlightGear CVS

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NOTFM (Notice to FlightGear Members) --T3r 20:09, 11 May 2010 (UTC)

Due to a hardware failure, the cvs servers of the FlightGear source and data repository are currently down. As a result, many links on this or other pages describing the built of FlightGear from CVS are obsolete. Some highly skilled people are currently working on a substitute for the CVS system and we hope to have a reliable solution up and running soon. Those, who can't hold their feet might want to sneek a peek at [1]

Many FlightGear developers use CVS, a Concurrent Versions System to store all of the files required to build FlightGear. CVS tracks updates to every file as developers around the world work together concurrently to create new versions.

While new FlightGear features and additions are in development, they are available from CVS before they are available in the standard release version. Using CVS allows a user to build the newest possible version of FlightGear from the latest source files, to experiment with new aircraft or other features. However, it's not a beginner's tool. Using CVS can expose the user to unstable features that show ugly error messages, or crash the computer. Fortunately, very few of FlightGear's advanced features require CVS. (See Getting Started for more info about using FlightGear without CVS).

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How to Use CVS with FlightGear




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