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Zexe's Tips and Tricks:


Gunnery Effect

Dave's FGR2 shooting at a Boeing. Thanks to Dave for his help and wiki for the configuring guide.


Uploading images

Hi Zexe,

you've uploaded a nice shot of the F4N on our wiki. However, there was a white border around the image. We like to substitute this, as the image won't look good on a coloured background (as in some templates). I've removed the border this time, but next time, please upload your images without.

Thanks! Gijs 09:59, 1 September 2009 (EDT)

View distance suggestion

Hi Zexe,

your view distance suggestion (on your user page) looks interesting. Please send a message to the devel-list, as someone might be interested in implementing your ideas.

Cheers, Gijs 16:44, 7 December 2009 (UTC)

Zexe's Exploration of Flightgear

To whomever reads this, for the past year and a half I have been messing around with Flightgear. Like all newbies, I had a difficult time figurin stuff out, and I wanted answers for myself and wanted them for free. As time passed I realized that if I was going to get something done, I need to take charge. By exploring and challenging myself, I found many cool features about Flightgear that many developers and flight enthusiast already know about. There are many hidden features that aren't in the book, but if you look hard enough you can find that somebody in the past had already came up with the idea, you just need to incorporate it into you sim, and also know where to look.

Zexe's find for the week: 1)West of Anchorage Alaska, maybe about 70nm away, there is a huge glitch in the scenery, makes you feel as though you're in the lost world or nearby Mt.Roraima. Check it out if you haven't done so already.

4) Throttle percent can be displayed by going into the internal properties, clicking controls/engine/engine[], then shift click throttle.

5)HUD : So you're using a POV of 50 or 120. Either way the default HUD is either too far or too close. Solution? go in to internal properties and click sim/hud/enable 3d and then type in 'false', and the HUd sticks right to your screen without being too big or too small.

6) Using the wingman demo2 as a base, I substituted the bucaneer with the FJ-3 fury, added two more entries, and for the first time flew in formation with my AI buddies over Hawaii. If you'd like to learn how to, PM me.

7) Ajdust view distance can be accessed without having to go to the View menu. Click into the view cursor, click the middle mouse button, and you can adjust the position of your chair and if you press ctrl you can go forwwards and backwards. Thanks to Tuxklok for this help.

Conclusion: There are many hidden features and tools within the sim itself. Browse internal properties has so much to offer not only to the developers but also for the casual sim pilots. If you have any cool features or know of other things, please write them down. They're almost like Easter Eggs.