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User:Red Leader/Sandbox/Template:Infobox

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Subheader (1)
Subheader 2
Image (1)
Caption (1)
Image 2
Caption 2
Header 1
Label 1 Data 1
Data 1
Header 40
Label 40 Data 40
Data 40

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is a infobox meta-template. It is used by other Infobox templates so that there is a standardized style.

Note In general, it is not meant for use directly in an article, but can be used on a one-off basis if required.

Caution  This is a template that is used on many pages. Please refrain from editing this template directly unless it both is really needed and you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Changes can be suggested via the talk page.


|title =
|titleclass =
|titlestyle =

|name =
|child =

|bodyclass =
|bodystyle =
|float =
|clear =

|above =
|aboveclass =
|abovestyle =

|subheader =
|subheaderstyle =
|subheaderclass =
|subheaderrowclass =

|subheader2 =
|subheaderstyle2 =
|subheaderclass2 =
|subheaderrowclass2 =

|image =
|caption =
|captionstyle =
|imagestyle =
|imageclass =
|imagerowclass =

|image2 =
|caption2 =
|imagerowclass2 =

|headerstyle =
|labelstyle =
|datastyle =

|header1 =
|label1 =
|data1 =
|rowclass1 =


|header40 =
|label40 =
|data40 =
|rowclass40 =

|below =

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